Felix Wiegand

Logistics is going online. Opportunities and risks

Major changes cast long shadows into the future. They are part of a digital and logistical revolution: hauling companies that do not own any vehicles; media platforms without any content of their own; accommodation providers without any rental properties. With its team of software and marketing experts the Leipzig-based startup Pamyra.de is bringing the concept of comparison shopping websites to the field of logistics. Pamyra.de is now among the top logistics startups in the EU and was recently nominated for the Digital Logistics Award. In his presentation Felix Wiegand examines changes in the logistics industry and the associated opportunities and risks and explains how exactly Pamyra.de supports midsized companies in the ever expanding field of internet commerce.

Felix Wiegand is founder and CEO of Pamyra.de. With over ten years of experience with software development and project management he had already been involved with numerous online platforms before founding his own startup.