Doug Fishbone

Artificial Intelligence
  • Doug Fishbone, Artificial intelligence, 2018
    © Falk Wenzel

The work Artificial Intelligence by the London-based artist Doug Fishbone examines logistics in the realm of tourism. At a central location of the city a digital information kiosk is located – the kind often found in train stations and other transportation hubs. A box with a screen, coin slot and old-fashioned telephone receiver on the side is the only user interface. When a coin is deposited a video begins playing that is reminiscent of a slide show, while the artist’s voice tells of things, situations and people now in the process of disappearing from our everyday lives. What is true of the things described by Fishbone also applies to the semi-digital helpers in urban settings – they are becoming obsolete. Their touristic function – facilitating transactions like ticket sales and presenting so-called out-of-home advertising – is now served by mobile terminal devices. The logistics of tourism has adapted, become even more personalized. Artificial Intelligence takes a few steps back as a public performance and makes the claim: „What is no longer there can say more about a place than what is.“

Artificial Intelligence, 2018
digital video kiosk, English version 2:38 min

Doug Fishbone is an American artist living and working in London. He earned an BA from Amherst College in the US in 1991, and MA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London in 2003. Selected solo exhibitions include Tate Britain, London (2010-11), Rokeby, London (2010-11, and 2009), Gimpel Fils, London (2006) and 30,000 Bananas in Trafalgar Square (2004).